The last time I had this view of my engine I really didn’t understand what I was looking at at all. It was cool to see the inside again with a greater understanding of what all the parts are and what they’re doing.

I replaced the stock 5.0 oil pump with a Melling high volume pump and Moroso pickup. The plan was to go with a Moroso racing pan but the pan didn’t clear the steering; possibly due to incorrect motor mounts (the mounts were different depending on the build date of the car and I don’t know what month mine was made). I ended up sending the pan and pickup back because I didn’t want to notch a $300 pan or deal with fixing the clearance problem. I went back to the stock pickup, sprayed my oil pan black and put it back together. 

Eventually I’ll go with a low-profile racing pan but it’s not worth the money or hassle to me anymore after this frustrating disappointment. I’d be surprised if this thing can corner or accelerate hard enough to give me starvation issues anyway haha.

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